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Cook Well, Work Well

Cook Well, Work Well is a healthy eating and cooking programme, to help improve the health and well-being of adults through practical courses run in the workplace.

register interest buttonOur Let’s Get Cooking trainers help employees put their new knowledge from the course into practice by making their lunch or dinner and a selection of healthy snacks. There are lots of opportunities for staff to try different foods, follow healthy recipes and learn how to eat appropriately for their work and lifestyle.

Cook Well, Work Well courses can be run as sample sessions, team-building days or training courses. It’s hands-on, great fun and offers lasting benefits to both employers and their staff.

Three months after attending Cook Well, Work Well sessions:

  • Three-quarters of staff were choosing healthier foods more often.
  • Staff said they felt more energetic, more able to concentrate and were sleeping better.
  • A number of staff reported losing weight.

This section contains more information about how Cook Well, Work Well can help your organisation.

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Example programmes
Examples of Let's Get Cooking's Cook Well, Work Well programmes for adults in the workplace
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Testimonials from employers and feedback from participants.
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The benefits
Evaluation of Cook Well, Work Well shows that it improves the nutritional knowledge, eating habits and general well-being of the people who attended.